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Where do the Stars Go?

Written by Katie Stewart


Possum wakes one day and wants to know where the stars go in the morning. His friends, such as Bungarra, Rakali, Numbat and Galah, all have ideas and he spends a wonderful day discovering ‘stars’ in his environment. So wonderful, in fact, that even when his mother helps him discover the true answer, he still plans to look for more stars the next day.

ISBN 9781760990480 (Hardback)
Formats Picture Book (235 x 235mm) (Hardback)
Categories New Releases
Children's Picture Books
Publisher Fremantle Press
Edition 1st
Publication Year 2021
Pages 32
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    Katie Stewart

    Katie Stewart is an author and illustrator. Born in the north of England, she came to Australia at the age of nine. She started her working life as an archaeologist and ethnohistorian, went on to teaching and then to being a mother. She later worked in a school library, but her lifelong dream was to be what she is now. She is married to a farmer, has three children and lives north of Northam, where her love of animals means she has a lot of pets and takes lots of nature photos. In her spare time, she tries to play the harp or wanders the countryside with a metal detector amusing the neighbours and occasionally finding an interesting piece of history. Read more