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Vagabond Holes: David McComb and the Triffids

Edited by Niall Lucy and Chris Coughran


It has been decades since David McComb’s haunting music and lyrics inspired a generation. Now, thanks to sold-out tribute concerts Australia-wide and the remastering of the complete Triffids oeuvre, a new generation is discovering his life’s work. Editors Chris Coughran and Niall Lucy bring together friends, family and fans in this book of stories, poems and artworks about the Triffids.

Contributors include: Jonathan Alley, Jill Birt, Martyn Casey, David Cavanagh, Nick Cave, Claire Colebrook, Chris Coughran, Laurie Duggan, John Dyer, Robert Forster, Richard Gunning, Megan Heyward, Thomas Hoareau, Tracee Hutchison, Phil Kakulas, Steve Kilbey, John Kinsella, Graham Lee, Judith Lucy, Niall Lucy, Alsy MacDonald, Andrew McGowan, Robert McComb, Gavin Martin, Steve Miller, Denise Nestor, David Nichols, Rob Snarski, Jon Stratton and more.

ISBN 9781921361623 (Paperback)
Formats C Format (234 x 153mm) (Paperback)
Categories Father's Day 2021
Short Stories & Anthologies
Sport, Travel & Entertainment
Current Affairs, Culture & Social History
Autobiography, Biography & Memoir
Pages 384
Publication Year 2009
Edition 1st
Publisher Fremantle Press
  • Coughran chris

    Chris Coughran

    Chris Coughran is an Honorary Research Fellow with the School of Culture and Communication at the University of Melbourne. His writing has appeared in collections such as Reading America: New Perspectives on the American Novel (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2008) and scholarly journals including Angelaki and ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment. He is co-editor, with Niall Lucy, of Beautiful Waste: Poems by David McComb (Fremantle Press, 2009). Read more

  • Niall lucy

    Niall Lucy

    Dr Niall Lucy was an Australian writer, journalist and broadcaster who completed his PhD in English at the University of Sydney. He worked for academic journals, universities, newspapers and radio stations in both Sydney and Perth, and was a member of the Curriculum Council of Western Australia’s Literature Reference Panel prior to its disbandment in 2012. His work, often anarchic and always lively, is drawn on by scholars around the world in many disciplines. He was a professor in the School of Media, Culture & Creative Arts at Curtin University and a former Head of School of Arts at Murdoch University. His passion for music and his work as a freelance music journalist and broadcaster led to two acclaimed books on Australian indie band The Triffids. Always an original and free-thinker, his diverse body of work is a testament to a great intellect. He died in June 2014. Read more