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Under Corporate Skies: A struggle between people, place and profit

Written by Dyann Ross and Martin Brueckner


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Under Corporate Skies is about what happens to communities when they stand in the way of corporate profits. It is the story of a tiny town pitted against a strong corporate neighbour.

With the help of international campaigner, Erin Brockovich, the small town of Yarloop in Western Australia is preparing a civil class action against Alcoa World Alumina. The struggle is over social, health and environmental concerns surrounding Alcoa’s Wagerup alumina refinery.

This story will resonate with national and international communities facing similar clashes amidst ongoing industrialisation. As we live under expanding corporatised skies, this book shows that profits matter, but not more than people and place.

Foreword by Erin Brockovich

Read an interview with the authors here

ISBN 9781921361760 (Paperback)
Formats B Format (198 x 130mm) (Paperback)
Categories Non Fiction
Current Affairs, Culture & Social History
Pages 352
Publication Year 2010
Edition 1st
Publisher Fremantle Press
  • Martin brueckner

    Martin Brueckner

    Martin is a social ecologist and co-director of the Centre for Responsible Citizenship and Sustainability in the School of Management and Governance at Murdoch University. His interests are in the area of sustainability management, focusing on social and environmental justice issues and the politics of sustainability. Martin has conducted research in the areas of sustainable communities, industry–community relations and corporate social responsibility. His work is published both nationally and internationally. Read more

  • Dyann ross

    Dyann Ross

    Dyann Ross works for the Queensland Department of Health as a Mental Health Clinical Educator. She teaches at the University of the Sunshine Coast and holds an Adjunct position with Edith Cowan University as part of her research and writing activities. Dyann’s research interests cover the personal mental health of community members and the adverse impacts of unsustainable practices on communities. Read more