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Trevor Vickers Untitled Painting


Trevor Vickers Untitled Painting celebrates a revered artist whose career spanned Melbourne, the United Kingdom and Perth. Vickers exhibited alongside Australia’s most significant conceptual and post-object artists and was represented in The Field: arguably the most important single exhibition in Australian art history.

This extensive retrospective showcases the artist’s distinctive style of hard-edged abstraction developed over five decades.

'Trevor Vickers career straddles many of the key moments in Australian art of the last fifty years. It is a trajectory that moves from the famed circle gathered around John and Sunday Reed … to inclusion in the seminal exhibition, The Field … and on to his position now as one of Australia’s truly respected senior artists.' Andrew Gaynor

'... an artist of obvious and significant talent.' Jack Pam, Artsource

ISBN 9780994284204 (Paperback)
Formats Large Format Photographic (220 x 275mm) (Paperback)
Categories Art & Photography
Publisher Art Collective WA
Edition 1st
Publication Year 2016
Pages 152
Rights World