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The Wreckers' Revenge

Written by Norman Jorgensen


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Red Read doesn’t set out to find trouble, but trouble sure has a way of finding him. Expelled from school, he is whisked off by Captain Black Bowen, one of the most infamous smugglers ever to ply the coast of northern Australia in the nineteenth century. Together they battle demon storms, crazed pirates and killer diseases while hunting down a great lost treasure. Non-stop action, adventure and excitement!

Praise for the book

'The Wreckers' Revenge is a thrilling read for fans of pirates, Australian history and daring adventures.' ReadPlus

'The author's mastery of location, character, sea lore and general lifestyles of the period are absolutely spot on. Set in the late 1890's at the tail end of our pioneer era, the vast wildness of the Indian Ocean, provides a perfect backdrop for these thrilling adventures. Recommended.' Magpies

'Norman Jorgensen has masterfully woven an abundance of surprises along the way adding the them of growing relationships and a captain who loves quoting Shakespeare into the mix making this fast-paced story a must read.' Buzz Words Books

'Every sentence had a drip of anticipation and I really did find it quite hard to put the book down.' Hannah, age 12, Alphabet Soup

'... Jorgensen weaves his story around the places and colourful history of life in north-west Australia and the surrounding seas. Many young readers will enjoy these adventures and learn something of their country's past in the process.' Good Reading

'The story brims with historical detail and sailing lore without being too heavy-handed ... This is a pacey read that will be enjoyed by kids aged 10+ who love adventure, treasure hunting and horrible histories!' CBCA Reading Time

ISBN 9781925815450 (Paperback)
Formats B Format (198 x 130mm) (Paperback)
Categories Fiction for Middle Readers
Children's ebooks
Books for History Teachers
Publisher Fremantle Press
Edition 1st
Publication Year 2019
Pages 320
  • Norman jorgensen

    Norman Jorgensen

    Multi-award-winning writer Norman Jorgensen was born in Broome and lived a happy, Huckleberry Finn-like childhood. He has worked in the book trade for much of his life, and in his spare time, he loves to read, travel and take photographs. He now lives in a hundred-year-old house near the city with his wife, Jan Nicholls, a children’s book devotee. Norman began writing when in primary school and had a story read on the ABC Radio Argonauts Club, but it took many years before his first picture book, In Flanders Fields, beautifully illustrated by Brian Harrison-Lever, was published. Norman has since published three novels – Jack’s Island, The Smuggler’s Curse and his latest, The Wreckers’ Revenge – and two picture books with local illustrator James Foley – The Last Viking and The Last Viking Returns. Read more