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The Tree

Written by Richard Woldendorp, AM


Trees are the biggest plants on earth, and its longest living species. In this spectacular volume, acclaimed landscape photographer Richard Woldendorp, AM, explores Australian trees of all shapes and sizes. From abstract close-ups to aerials, Woldendorp’s images reveal the beauty and wonder of trees.


'Richard Woldendorp's photographs will undoubtedly foster empathy in any reader for the diverse beauty of Australian trees and the extreme lengths they go to in order to survive. Photography is a powerful tool for truth, and Richard's images, untouched by digital manipulation, are  apotent reminder that we need trees  and that they need us.' Piers Verstegen

'... a very interesting, professional, thought provoking book ...' Queensland Reviewers Collective

'The Tree by acclaimed WA photographer Richard Woldendorp AM captures the extraordinary diversity of trees across Australia with spectacular images, the result of a lifetime of travelling the continent.' The Artist's Chronicle

'Acclaimed West Australian photographer (and State Living Treasure) Richard Woldendorp has photographed these living, breathing beauties in their natural habitat across the country ... all tree huggers will find something to love in this glorious collection. Get a copy for your nature lover.' The Weekend West

'So beautiful. A photographic poem. More than a coffee-table book. This is a book, as the foreword by Piers Verstegen from the Australian Conservation Foundation suggests, that makes you want to care about trees. It’s a book you can get lost in.'
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'Woldendorp has triumphantly paid homage to the beauty and diversity of the tree – a photographic essay with a vital message highlighting the important role of trees in ecosystems and culture.' Subiaco Post

ISBN 9781925591699 (Hardback)
Formats Large Format Photographic (255 x 200mm) (Hardback)
Categories Father's Day 2021
Art & Photography
Gift Ideas
Publisher Fremantle Press
Edition 1st
Publication Year 2018
Pages 144
Rights World
  • Woldendorp am richard

    Richard Woldendorp, AM

    Richard Woldendorp was born in Utrecht, Holland, in 1927. He has lived in Australia since 1951. He was named Australian Photographer of the Year for his landscape photography and now specialises in photographing the Australian landscape from the air which has led to extensive travels throughout the country. His photographs have been exhibited in Australia and overseas. He was made a State Living Treasure for his contribution to the Arts. Read more