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The Spectacular Spencer Gray

Written by Deb Fitzpatrick


Spencer Gray is just an ordinary kid, but he manages to get into some pretty extraordinary situations.
When Spencer stumbles on a sinister operation in the bush, his life goes into overdrive – midnight rescue missions, super-endangered animals, hair-raising adventures.
To survive, Spencer will need to pull off something spectacular.

ISBN 9781925164671 (Paperback)
Formats B Format (198 x 128mm) (Paperback)
Categories Coming Soon
Fiction for Middle Readers
Publisher Fremantle Press
Edition 1st
Publication Year 2017
Pages 168
Rights World
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    Deb Fitzpatrick

    Deb Fitzpatrick lives and works in Fremantle, as a freelance editor and writer. Deb wrote 90 packets of instant noodles while living in a shack in the cloud forest of Costa Rica, and Have you seen Ally Queen? while backpacking through South America. She wrote The Amazing Spencer Gray at a café in South Fremantle. Deb has a Master of Arts (Creative Writing) from UWA and teaches professional writing and editing at Curtin University. Read more