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The Last Anzacs

Written by Tony Stephens and Steven Siewert


More than 75,000 Australians and New Zealanders went to war on the Gallipoli Peninsula in 1915. They shared a horror, but their courage on a battlefield of tragic errors and unimaginable suffering helped build a legend, the legend of the Anzacs. The Anzacs lost more men on the Western Front than they did against the Turks at Gallipoli. Yet, rightly or wrongly, Gallipoli is etched deepest into the Australian and New Zealand psyches. Now, all the original Anzacs, the men of Gallipoli, are gone. This book records the lives of the last of them. The legend will live on.

‘The sensitive and compelling portraits by Stephens and Siewert are interspersed with quotes, archival photos and poems and laconic humour.’ Sydney Morning Herald

‘These 18 life stories and reflective portraits provide lovely and tangible memories.’ Herald Sun

‘The book’s power comes from its elegant simplicity. There is no room given to politics or ideology, no dry history or debates on the merits of war; just old Anzacs given a chance to tell their story.’ The Mining Chronicle

‘The men of Gallipoli have now all gone but Tony Stephens tells the stories of, and Steven Siewert’s photographs poignantly capture, the lives of 18 original Anzacs.’ Canberra Times

‘A moving account of people now and the legends, it is well worth a read for both its history and its message of a love for peace.’ Reading Time

ISBN 9781920731366 (Paperback)
Formats Large Format Illustrated (280 x 220mm) (Paperback)
Categories Anzac and War
Current Affairs, Culture & Social History
Autobiography, Biography & Memoir
Pages 112
Publication Year 1996
Edition 1st
Publisher Fremantle Press
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    Steven Siewert

    Steven Siewert was born in Sydney in 1964, the son of a German father and Irish mother who came to Australia after the Second World War. He is a photographer who has worked for the Sydney Morning Herald. Read more

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    Tony Stephens

    Tony Stephens was born in Goulburn in 1939, three weeks after the outbreak of the Second World War, in which his father was killed by the Japanese. Read more