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Return Ticket

Written by Jon Doust


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It’s 1972. When hot-headed, impetuous Jack Muir gets off the ship in Durban, he fails to get back on. Instead, he sails into misadventure, fleeing the stifling town of Genoralup to try to lose himself in South Africa at the height of apartheid. But the past has a way of catching up with you, and soon Jack is running again, this time to a kibbutz in Israel.

In the course of a lifetime, Jack will travel far, always caught between fleeing from and seeking those things he needs: a mother’s precious gift, a lover in a time of war, the loss of a child, a kind and steady woman.

And, across time and across continents, old Jack Muir will remember those who helped him become a decent man, a better father and a friend.


'Jack soaks up enough bracing experience for many lifetimes over, and it's to Doust's credit that it all rings true.' Books+Publishing

'The title of the trilogy – One Boy's Journey to Man – is a clear indication of where this book is heading. How it gets there – or more accurately how Jack gets there – is beautifully realised in this narrative about how the persons we love and who love us can steer us towards a better life.' Queensland Reviewers Collective

'It’s vivid and episodic, memoir-like fiction, refreshingly free of pretension, that brings together the sharp observational style of the best travel-writing and the clipped voice of a character who’s repeated more than a few years at the school of hard knocks.' Sydney Morning Herald

'And I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it … It wasn't the story of my life, but I wished, sort of, that it could have been.' Fremantle Shipping News

'Doust's book is filled with truth and pain …' Adelaide Advertiser

'This is vintage Doust, funny, insightful and compassionate.' The Weekend West

ISBN 9781925816396 (Paperback)
Formats B+ Format (208 x 140mm) (Paperback)
Categories Father's Day 2021
Winter Warmers
Book Club Reads
New Releases
Publisher Fremantle Press
Edition 1st
Publication Year 2020
Pages 264
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    Jon Doust

    Jon Doust was born in Bridgetown into a farming/retailing family and worked in both until he was old enough to know better. He should have done well in school and studied law but he found himself without the necessary marks, and working in a bank. Asked to leave, he stumbled back to the family farm and shop, then travelled, then studied, then worked as a journalist and used his funny bone to some success in comedy. Now he is best known as a writer, professional speaker, big ideas inspirer, and community projects facilitator. In the early 2000s, he studied Jungian philosophy and subsequently became an accredited deliverer of Jungian psychological theories. He is the author of three novels for adults: Boy on a Wire (longlisted for the Miles Franklin Literary Award), To the Highlands and Return Ticket. Though each book works as a standalone title, the three form a loose trilogy called One Boy’s Journey to Man. Read more