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Kids Series

Mystery at Riddle Gully

Written by Jen Banyard


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Pollo di Nozi, reporter-in-training, has a nose for news. Strange things are happening in Riddle Gully and Pollo smells a major scoop.

With Shorn Connery, her sheepish sidekick, Pollo is determined to track down the Graffiti Kid. But is Will, the new boy in town, conspiring with the pushy mayor and a strange Transylvanian to send her sniffing up the wrong trail?

This fast-paced and funny story is packed with action, adventure, mystery, humour and false leads.

‘… an engaging adventure whose likeable protagonists will appeal to both boys and girls aged 10 and up.’ Books+Publishing

‘This is a fast-paced and funny novel with action, mystery and red herrings.’ Child Magazine

‘… has suspense and adventure, and Pollo and Will’s mishaps make this a very funny story.’ Alphabet Soup

‘Banyard writes with insight and humour.’ Australian Book Review

‘… a highly entertaining, well written mini adventure’ Magpies

‘This is a well-written mystery that will easily keep a young reader captivated and entertained …’ Reading Time


West Australian Young Readers' Book Award (Shortlisted 2016)

ISBN 9781921888748 (Paperback)
Formats B Format (198 x 130mm) (Paperback)
Categories Children's ebooks
The West Australian's ED! Serialisations
Fiction for Middle Readers
Fiction for Younger Readers
Pages 200
Publication Year 2012
Edition 1st
Publisher Fremantle Press
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    Jen Banyard

    Jen Banyard writes fun mystery and adventure for young readers. In her writing, she aims to entertain first – not least, herself! – but also to ask ethical questions of her young readers. She has a doctorate in Creative Writing from the University of Western Australia. Her youth was largely spent mucking around on the Canning River and on Rottnest Island. Awards West Australian Young Readers' Book Award (Shortlisted 2018)West Australian Young Readers' Book Award (Shortlisted 2016) Read more