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Many Hearts, One Voice: The story of the War Widows' Guild in Western Australia

Written by Melinda Tognini


When WWII ended, the men who fought and died were not forgotten – but what of their wives and families? For the War Widows’ Guild the fight for rights and recognition had just begun.

This is the story of a courageous group of women who made a difference to the lives of Australia’s war widows of yesterday and today.


‘It is the first publication dedicated to the history of the WA War Widows’ Guild and the legacy of their often forgotten campaign for better recognition.’ ABC News

‘... a fascinating, engagingly written and meticulously researched contribution both to Australian social history and WA local history ...’ The Weekend West

‘The courage and determination of the wives and families of war will be forever etched into history thanks to author Melinda Tognini.’ Albany Advertiser

‘Author Melinda Tognini has brought together stories of the guild’s history, connections and the fight for recognition in her new book, Many Hearts, One Voice.Cockburn Gazette

ISBN 9781925163179 (Paperback)
Formats C Format (234 x 153mm) (Paperback)
Categories History
Anzac and War
Books for History Teachers
Publisher Fremantle Press
Edition 1st
Publication Year 2015
Pages 252
Rights World
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    Melinda Tognini

    Melinda Tognini has always been a scribbler of stories, and cannot imagine a life without words. But she has also worked as a pharmacy assistant, youth worker, chaplain and teacher. She completed a Master of Arts in writing and her feature articles, travel writing and personal essays have appeared in magazines and anthologies in Australia and the US. Melinda is passionate about telling ‘invisible’ stories – those stories absent from or sidelined in the dominant narratives of our history – and empowering others to find their voice. After growing up surrounded by the bush, bauxite and beaches of North East Arnhem Land, she now resides in Perth with her husband and two children. Read more