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Homemade: Simply delicious food

Written by Anna Gare


‘Home cooking is something that responds to what’s in the market, what’s in the fridge and who walks through the door. The tart you make on a hot summer night while your friend tells you about her new love affair will be very different from the one you cook in winter for your mother-in-law. That’s what Homemade is all about. The simple dishes you’ll find in this book have come straight from my family dinners, lunches and impromptu feasts with friends.’ Anna Gare

’Don’t open this book unless you want to feel almost immediately hungry. Anna Gare’s simple but delicious recipes have a habit of doing that to you.’ Matt Preston

‘… what a great debut. Easy, delicious recipes, beautifully photographed and complete with classic Anna witticisms. A real winner.’ Selector Magazine

‘Looking for easy recipes that don’t scrimp on flavour? Junior MasterChef‘s Anna Gare shares a whole book of them in Homemade.’ MasterChef Magazine

‘If you just want some good, honest, home cooking — this is the book for you.’ Jetstar Magazine

ISBN 9781921696664 (Hardback)
Formats Large Format Photographic (280 x 225mm) (Hardback)
Categories Gift Ideas
Non Fiction
Food & Health
Pages 192
Publication Year 2011
Edition 1st
Publisher Fremantle Press
  • Anna gare

    Anna Gare

    Anna Gare developed a passion for cooking from the time she could reach the top of the kitchen bench. She spent her teens and early twenties performing with all-girl band, the Jam Tarts, and cooked in restaurants to support her rock’n’roll lifestyle. When it came time for a change, Anna established Deluxe Catering, which became one of Perth’s most successful catering companies. Anna’s work in television includes the ABC’s Consuming Passions as Ian Parmenter’s righthand assistant, and The Best in Australia where she co-starred with celebrity chefs Ben O’Donoghue and Darren Simpson. Quickies in my Kitchen on the Lifestyle Channel featured Anna preparing quick and easy recipes while chatting with high-profile guests. And on Junior Masterchef Australia, Channel 10, Anna starred as one of the show’s judges and mentors. Read more