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Firewood Banksia

Written by Philippa Nikulinsky


A dazzling and wondrous celebration of Banksia menziesii (Firewood or Menzies’ Banksia) by one of Australia’s best botanical artists. After many field trips and long observation of the species, Philippa Nikulinsky has created a series of detailed drawings and paintings that record this banksia and its cycle in all their beauty.

’It’s obvious a lifetime of honouring the flora and fauna of WA in watercolour has not dimmed Nikulinsky’s enthusiasm. Firewood Banksia is further proof her unstinting commitment to her subject is very much alive and well.’ Artist's Chronicle

ISBN 9781922089816 (Hardback)
Formats Large Format Illustrated (220 x 220mm) (Hardback)
Categories Gift Ideas
Gardening & Nature
Art & Photography
Pages 56
Publication Year Originally published in 1992, this edition 2014
Edition 2nd
Publisher Fremantle Press
  • Philippa nikulinsky

    Philippa Nikulinsky

    Philippa Nikulinsky is the most celebrated of the wildlife artists living in Western Australia. Her particular specialty is recording the phenomenal natural history in this enormous state, a history that provides a famous national heritage that has fascinated experts and artists alike from the time of exploration onwards. Her reputation rests not merely in matters of accuracy, but in the degree of finesse and accomplishment in the design and arrangement of her subjects. Read more