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Better than OK: Helping young people to flourish at school and beyond

Edited by Neil Porter and Dr Helen Street


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If you could have just one wish for your children what would you wish for, over and beyond everything else? The answer is almost universal: ‘Above all else, I want them to be happy.’
George W Burns

These solution-focused and easy-to-read essays are by 27 of the world’s top experts in Positive Education. You too can help children develop a lifelong love of learning with this practical and positive guide. Contributors include Michael Carr-Gregg, Maggie Dent, Andrew Fuller and Tim Sharp.

‘This book is full of strategies for parents and teachers wanting to help young people develop a lifelong love of learning.’ Child Magazine

ISBN 9781922089793 (Paperback)
Formats C Format (234 x 153mm) (Paperback)
Categories Food & Health
Non Fiction
Current Affairs, Culture & Social History
Pages 224
Publication Year 2014
Edition 1st
Publisher Fremantle Press
  • Neil porter

    Neil Porter

    With a broad background in technology, psychology and law, Neil Porter brings a unique blend of skills and expertise to his role as founding member and co-chair of the National Australian Positive Schools Initiative. Neil has been instrumental in ensuring the Positive Schools conferences continually highlight the most important ideas and strategies in Positive Education and bring them to an increasingly wide audience. In addition to his role as co-chair of the conferences, Neil is also a co-founder of The Positive Times online magazine for educators, and director of Wise Solutions mental health assessment services for schools. These projects have ensured that advances in school-based wellbeing have been accessed by more than ten thousand schools worldwide. Neil is currently particularly interested in the development of effective platforms for distributing mental health information to teachers, the application of technology to Positive Education and the need for schools to better understand the role of wellbeing in academic learning. Read more

  • Dr helen street

    Dr Helen Street

    Social psychologist and educator Dr Helen Street has worked extensively with Australian schools since 1999. Helen is passionate about nurturing wellbeing, effective goal setting, and long-term motivation in adults and children, and has presented her research and ideas internationally in academic journals and in the popular media. Her work has been met with international acclaim and has been endorsed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and ‘Blue Eyes / Brown Eyes’ creator Jane Elliott, among many others. In addition to her academic role with the University of Western Australia, Helen is an adjunct research consultant for the health department of WA’s Centre for Clinical Interventions and co-chair for the Positive Schools conferences. In 2011 Helen was awarded the title of Honorary Research Fellow with the School of Graduate Education at UWA. She was the show psychologist for Network Ten’s The Circle in 2011–2012 and is now a regular feature writer for Western Teacher magazine. Helen is one of the original creators of the National Australian Positive Schools Initiative in addition to being a regular host and presenter at the events. Read more