Manuscript submission FAQs

What is an unsolicited manuscript or submission?

An unsolicited submission is made by an individual rather than an agent. Many publishing houses will not consider unsolicited manuscripts at any time. Fremantle Press accepts unsolicited manuscripts for consideration throughout the year except for a closed period each summer. Check our submissions page for the next closed period.

What do you publish?

Fremantle Press publishes the work of authors and illustrators of Western Australian origin or whose main place of residence is Western Australia. We will also consider work where the subject matter has a strong Western Australian focus.

Fremantle Press publishes in the areas of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, creative non-fiction and children’s books. See examples of titles and new releases.

How long will the assessment process take?

The great majority of submissions are assessed in approximately 12 weeks. If more time is required you will be contacted.

How should I format or set out my submission?

The basic requirement is that submissions are typed, page-numbered and printed on one side of A4 sheets. Apart from that, there is no single right way to format your manuscript. As long as your submission is easy to read and handle, it is acceptable.

How do I submit a manuscript to the City of Fremantle T.A.G. Hungerford Award?

The City of Fremantle T.A.G. Hungerford Award is a biennial award for an unpublished manuscript by a previously unpublished Western Australian author. Submissions for the 2016 City of Fremantle T.A.G. Hungerford Award are now closed. The next round of submissions will be advertised in late 2017.

Who will assess my submission?

Initial assessment is by an editor or publisher.

Why can’t I speak directly to a publisher?

Information necessary to make a submission to Fremantle Press is contained in our submission guidelines. There is little a publisher or editor can advise you on without reading your submission material. The quickest way to reach a publisher is to present your manuscript in the way requested.

Will I get feedback?

Unfortunately the large volume of submissions makes it impossible to give individual feedback in most cases, or to provide guidance in the early stages of manuscript development.

Do I need to get a reader’s report before I submit my manuscript?

No. We make our own assessments according to our requirements.

Do I need to get my manuscript professionally edited before I submit it?

No, but attention to correct spelling, punctuation and grammar is important. Ask yourself if your submission is as polished and well-presented as you can make it.

Can I send my submissions on USB, disk or as an email attachment?

No. Submissions made in this way will not be considered.

How many unsolicited manuscripts do you receive?

Fremantle Press currently receives over 500 submissions each year, most of which are unsolicited. Many of our best known authors were ‘discovered’ via unsolicited manuscripts and this process remains an important part of our program.

Can I submit a manuscript that is with another publisher?

We will consider manuscripts simultaneously submitted to other publishing houses but please inform us of this in your covering letter.

Can I submit a manuscript previously considered by Fremantle Press?

Only if you have undertaken substantial revision and at least a year has passed since the manuscript was declined. When resubmitting, you should give a brief summary of how the manuscript has been improved.

If I submit an illustration or photographic portfolio will it be considered for a book?

No. Sending your portfolio is like sending us your CV. We will keep it on file and might invite you to work with us on future projects. Please refer to submissions for how to submit a manuscript.

What should I do if I have another question?

Carefully read the submission guidelines. If your question remains unanswered you can send it to Please keep your email brief and specific, and mark the subject line: Submission query.

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