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Newman wins industry award

Fremantle Press stalwart Clive Newman was recognised for his service to the publishing industry with a George Robertson Award in April.

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INTERVIEW: Lekkie Hopkins and Lynn Roarty

ALP Senator and women’s campaigner Pat Giles’ favourite saying was ‘give a woman an inch and she’ll park a car in it’. It’s a saying her biographers Lekkie Hopkins and Lynn Roarty have taken to heart. In this interview they discuss their relationship with Pat and the writing of their new book Among the Chosen.

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INTERVIEW: Scott-Patrick Mitchell

How does it feel to be included in an anthology alongside David Malouf and Dorothy Porter
Amazing. At the outset I never realised that the anthology would include such great writers. When I look at the final product, I’m a little overwhelmed at being included alongside people I not only respect but immensely admire (particularly Dorothy Porter).

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AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Michael Thompson

How far back does your interest in picture books stretch?

I went to an exhibition of artwork from a picture book when I was in Year 2 at primary school. I loved seeing all of the artwork displayed. We spent a lot of time that year making our own picture books: planning them on huge sheets of butcher’s paper, cutting paper for the pages and binding them together with wool when we had finished. I have collected picture books for years now, especially when I love the artwork.

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Poets out of the box

Fremantle Press poet, Scott-Patrick Mitchell, and editor, Wendy Jenkins, have both been included alongside literary greats David Malouf and Dorothy Porter in a new poetry anthology called Out of the Box.

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