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VALE: Judy Wheeler, New Edition

Fremantle Press extends its condolences to Judy’s family. Judy, and her husband Jamie Simpson, owned New Edition Bookshop in Fremantle for many years, and Judy championed the works of Western Australian writers through the shop and through her radio program at Curtin University.

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Fremantle Poetry Month Schedule 2010

Register with the Fremantle Poetry Month Facebook page or blog for interviews with poets, publishing advice from Fremantle Press’ Poetry Publisher and Commissioning Editor, weekly competitions and the most up to date information on events and happenings in Fremantle during July.

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Newman wins industry award

Fremantle Press stalwart Clive Newman was recognised for his service to the publishing industry with a George Robertson Award in April.

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INTERVIEW: Lekkie Hopkins and Lynn Roarty

ALP Senator and women’s campaigner Pat Giles’ favourite saying was ‘give a woman an inch and she’ll park a car in it’. It’s a saying her biographers Lekkie Hopkins and Lynn Roarty have taken to heart. In this interview they discuss their relationship with Pat and the writing of their new book Among the Chosen.

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