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DONATION: Cold comfort

Fremantle Press would like to thank Shelley and Colin Poklepovich of Fridge & Washer City in O’Connor for their kind donation of a better, much larger, fridge.

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NEWS: Let the pillaging begin

Award-winning author, Norman Jorgensen, and illustrator James Foley are exposing the pain and the triumph of creating and publishing a picture book on their new blog .

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NEWS: eBooks online

Fremantle Press eBooks are now available from . Jon Doust’s Miles Franklin long-listed book, Boy on a Wire, and best-selling young adult novel, Destroying Avalon, are just some of the novels available on the new eBooks webpage.

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Author of The West, John Mateer, says the question of this place, of being in Australia where American-style suburbs have grown out of British colonial settlements on land taken from Aboriginal peoples, profoundly shapes anything a poet can say.

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Speaking from Shanghai, where she lives for part of each year, Burning Bright poet Caroline Caddy discusses the influence of China on her writing.
A lot of my poetry concerns China, and one of my collections, Working Temple, is all about China. I wrote that in the early 1990s, and now some of those pieces on Shanghai are almost historical documents, because things have changed so much.

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Fremantle Poetry Month launch

The food and wine is ordered, the performers are booked, the Mayor is preparing his speech notes and it’s all systems go for the launch of Fremantle Poetry Month at 6.30pm on 8 July 2010.

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