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New podcast episode: poet Bron Bateman on writing, memory and the female body

Bron Bateman says she makes sense of the world through writing. She is an observer of her own life, absorbing every experience with all senses so she can articulate it in poetry. She’s also the ideal interviewee. She wants to answer every question put to her, no matter how difficult, because, she says, it’s only by doing this that we can truly reach each other as writers and as humans. In this podcast, we talk to Bron about her writing process in relation to her new poetry collection, Of Memory and Furniture.

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Fremantle Press bids farewell to editor and manuscript assessor Wendy Jenkins, who retires after four decades of service to the Western Australian literary community

At the end of 2019, with her customary desire to avoid the fanfare she so richly deserves, Fremantle Press editor and manuscript assessor Wendy Jenkins left the building. It is an understatement to say this is the end of an era: Wendy began work with the Press, formerly known as Fremantle Arts Centre Press, just a few years after it published its first title in 1976.

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VALE W.J. Peasley 1927–2020

Fremantle Press extends its deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Dr William John Peasley, who passed away on 2 January, just a couple of weeks short of turning 93.

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