The World Waiting to be Made

Written by Simone Lazaroo


A young woman journeys back to her birthplace, Singapore, and to Malacca, her ancestral home, to discover rich, complex and mysterious aspects of her own identity. Aspects of herself that have only been half remembered, hinted at, or understood during a dislocated childhood and adolescence growing up in contemporary suburban Australia.

‘The experiences of a woman caught between two cultures as she juggles life as a young adult with memories of her ancestors’ exotically quirky world … a mercurial imagination, a gift for satire and wry intelligence.’ Sydney Morning Herald


T.A.G. Hungerford Award (Winner 1993)
Western Australian Premier’s Book Award (Winner 1995)
Nita B. Kibble Award (Shortlisted 1995)

ISBN 9781863683029 (Paperback)
Formats B+ Format (205 x 138mm) (Paperback)
Categories T.A.G. Hungerford Winners
Award Winning
Pages 276
Publication Year 2000
Edition 2nd
Publisher Fremantle Press
Rights World
  • Simone lazaroo

    Simone Lazaroo

    Born in Singapore in 1961, Dr Simone Lazaroo moved to Western Australia with her family at a young age. She has won both national and international awards for her novels and been a guest speaker for various literary festivals and community events. Simone supports her literary career by teaching creative writing at Murdoch University. Her book The World Waiting to be Made has been translated into French and Mandarin. Read more