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The Other Bears

Written by Michael Thompson


Mother and Father Koala are suspicious of the OTHER bears. They don’t like the pandas and they don’t trust the polars. The black bears are noisy and the brown bears have big teeth. But all their grumpiness melts away, watching the littlest bears at play.

‘A fun tale about tolerance and acceptance.’ Nurture Magazine

‘Thompson has created a timely tale of love and acceptance, without undue moralising.’ Child Magazines

‘The message here suggests that it is perhaps through the young that the fear of differences can be overcome. What do you think? Highly recommended.’ Reading Time

ISBN 9781922089274 (Paperback)
Formats Picture Book (230 x 210mm) (Paperback)
Categories Affordable paperbacks
Children's Picture Books
Pages 32
Publication Year 2013
Edition 2nd
Publisher Fremantle Press
  • Michael thompson

    Michael Thompson

    Michael has drawn pictures for as long as he can remember. His Grade 2 teacher showed him how to make a picture book and he has been thinking about them (and collecting them) on and off ever since. His parents still have his first book, How the Rabbit got its Long Ears, hidden away somewhere (where it should stay!). Read more