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The Edge of the World

Written by Marcella Polain


The Edge of the World is a powerful, monumental story of an Armenian family, spanning one hundred years, five countries and several generations. A family fragmented by genocide, exile and emigration, but which, through extraordinary acts of courage and compassion, is eventually brought together again — albeit utterly changed. A compelling, imaginative and beautifully written story of a remarkable family.

’ … it is an extraordinary, and intimate rendering of a family story, with the real potential to contribute to the rewriting of a concealed ethnic history.’ Indigo

‘Polain has given us more than just a harrowing account of what happened to her people. She has told a story that is quite beautiful and poetic. This is a creative achievement.’ Courier-Mail


Commonwealth Writers’ Prize (Shortlisted 2008)

ISBN 9781920731274 (Paperback)
Formats B+ Format (208 x 140mm) (Paperback)
Categories Book Club Reads
Award Winning
Pages 352
Publication Year 2007
Edition 1st
Publisher Fremantle Press
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    Marcella Polain

    Dr Marcella Polain was born in Singapore and immigrated to Perth when she was two years old, with her Armenian mother and Irish father. She has a background in theatre and screen writing, and has lectured in the Writing program at Edith Cowan University. She was founding WA editor for the national poetry journal Blue Dog, has been poetry editor for Westerly and was inaugural editor for the WA journal Indigo. She has published essays on writing and completed her PhD at the University of Western Australia in 2006. Read more