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Southern Edge

Written by Barbara Temperton


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In this collection of three long narrative poems, Temperton conjures up the highs and lows of the coastal environment to explore the effects of nature’s “Powerful forces at work” on human existence.

An impressive third collection written with flair, passion and the ability to look unpleasant realities in the eye.

‘… these poems are alive in characterisation, imagery and sheer sound and they plunge on with their stories of love, madness, murder and mystery, all set in the booming sea-world of coastal south-western Western Australia and the Kimberley coast.’ Westerly

‘Verse narrative is easy to do badly and hard to do well — stories like these have to have the right balance of mythic resonance and elliptical, hermeneutical suspense. Southern Edge adds to the small group of successful Australian works in that genre: it’s a gem and a real surprise.’ Australian Poetry Review

ISBN 9781921361418 (Paperback)
Formats B Format (198 x 130mm) (Paperback)
Categories Poetry
Pages 112
Publication Year 2009
Edition 1st
Publisher Fremantle Press
  • Barbara temperton

    Barbara Temperton

    Barbara Temperton is an award winning Western Australian writer. Her poetry and prose fiction is inspired by the landscapes and stories of the numerous places/spaces she has encountered. Southern Edge: three stories in verse (Fremantle Press, 2009) is her most recent publication, and Going Feral (Fremantle Press, 2002) won the WA Premier Book Award for Poetry 2002.  Barbara was Westerly magazine's poetry editorial advisor from 2009 to 2011; has worked with song lyrics, on community writing and theatre projects, and as a tutor in English and Creative Writing courses at Edith Cowan University and Curtin University, Perth, and the University of Western Australia's Albany Centre.   Read more