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Soul of the Desert

Written by Philippa Nikulinsky and Stephen D Hopper, AC


‘The Soul is there in the dust, the red rocks and blue sky, the wind and rain, in the dunes and salt-lakes, in the people, and in the plant and animal life, waiting to be experienced, revealed, revered, by those who would look.’ Stephen D Hopper.

The perfect book for anyone interested in botanical art, natural history or fauna and wildflowers.

‘You never know what Philippa is going to bring back from her trips because few other botanical artists venture far from the car.’ The Sunday Times

‘Nikulinsky’s biological illustrations … bring the beauty of Australia’s desert flora and wildlife to vibrant detail.’ SciTech Book News

‘… for readers, who forget how much of this continent is, in fact, “arid area” … this book is discovery.’ The Bulletin

ISBN 9781921888649 (Paperback)
Formats Large Format Illustrated (280 x 230mm) (Paperback)
Categories Gift Ideas
Gardening & Nature
Art & Photography
Pages 184
Publication Year 2011
Edition 2nd
Publisher Fremantle Press
  • Author small

    Stephen D Hopper, AC

    For nearly thirty years Dr Stephen Hopper, AC has researched and travelled investigating the biology of granite outcrops. Stephen has specialist expertise in eucalyptus, orchids, the kangaroo paw family – Haemodoraceae – conservation genetics, pollination ecology and threatened plants. Read more

  • Philippa nikulinsky

    Philippa Nikulinsky

    Philippa Nikulinsky is the most celebrated of the wildlife artists living in Western Australia. Her particular specialty is recording the phenomenal natural history in this enormous state, a history that provides a famous national heritage that has fascinated experts and artists alike from the time of exploration onwards. Her reputation rests not merely in matters of accuracy, but in the degree of finesse and accomplishment in the design and arrangement of her subjects. Read more