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Small Wonders: A close look at nature's miniatures

Written by Stanley Breeden and Kaisa Breeden


Award-winning nature photographers Stanley and Kaisa Breeden explore Australia’s small animal life to reveal the wonder and beauty of looking closely into nature. Their specially developed digital photography techniques make it possible to see intriguing details you may never have suspected were there.

‘This colourful and surprising book reveals the wonder and beauty of a world otherwise missed by the human eye.’ Australian Geographic

‘The authors are award-winning photographers, and the book is filled with their images including close-ups of beautiful insects such as the jewel beetle.’ Good Reading Magazine

‘Welcome to the Middle Kingdom. A magical land of marvellous miniatures brought to startling attention by award-winning nature photographers Stanley and Kaisa Breeden.’ West Weekend Magazine

ISBN 9781925160147 (Hardback)
Formats Large Format Photographic (245 x 220mm) (Hardback)
Categories Gift Ideas
Gardening & Nature
Art & Photography
Pages 112
Publication Year 2014
Edition 1st
Publisher Fremantle Press
  • Stanley breeden

    Stanley Breeden

    Stanley Breeden began photography as a teenager in the late 1950s. He has published books on Australian and Indian wildlife and has contributed to most major English-language nature magazines. Stan has been the recipient of two Emmy Awards for his work as a documentary maker with National Geographic. Read more

  • Kaisa breeden

    Kaisa Breeden

    Kaisa Breeden is a third-generation artist who is captivated by the mastery of digital photography and fine art printing. Since convincing her husband Stan to go digital, the pair have specialised in macro nature photography using natural light. Read more