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Remembering Malcolm Macquarrie

Written by Maggie Blick


Remembering Malcolm Macquarrie is a bold first novel that dares to take on and play with the grandeur and frailty that is being human. Played out by a dazzling cast of characters, family legacies sweep back and forth across the years and generations, from 1924 to beyond 2020. This is a celebration of story, of meaning and of the human spirit.

ISBN 9781863683128 (Paperback)
Formats B+ Format (208 x 140mm) (Paperback)
Categories Fiction
Pages 248
Publication Year 2001
Edition 1st
Publisher Fremantle Press
  • Maggie blick

    Maggie Blick

    Maggie Blick was born during the Bush War in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in 1976. She spent her childhood in Southern Africa and various parts of Australia before settling with her family in Perth. Read more