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POMO OZ: Fear and Loathing Downunder

Written by Niall Lucy


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Ideas are in short supply and critical thinking is under attack. That’s according to Niall Lucy in his latest book, Pomo Oz. Pitting his humour and intellect against the conservative power brokers, Lucy champions the notion that free thought, not free trade, is the basis of democracy.

Praise for Pomo Oz

‘… here’s the piss-take of your nightmares – delivered with wit, panache and rigour.’ – Marion May Campbell.

‘Niall Lucy keeps fighting the good fight, and on two fronts. The first is against the forces of darkness. The second is to bring to light that curious thing that is the language of public life itself.’ – McKenzie Wark.

‘… a daring and timely book of essays; I can attest to the vibrancy, relevance and urgency of its engagement with the leading issues in contemporary Australian society and culture.’ – Darren Tofts.

‘… a compelling polemic, discussing not just applications of postmodern discourse to contemporary Australian popular culture and politics, but a response to critics of postmodernity as a whole. This is an enthusiastic text and, regardless of one’s opinions of postmodernism, the arguments put forward are thought-provoking.’ — Media International Australia

‘… an exhilarating example of deconstruction that is politically and culturally engaged.’ — English in Australia

‘A truly remarkable book.’ – Pelican Magazine

‘…why not have a look at Niall’s collection of provocative essays challenging us to think? … If you ever wondered exactly what post-modernism was, here is your answer.’ – Scoop

‘Niall’s book is a revelatory little piece of analysis and corrective invective and, … I recommend it to any high school teacher …’ – Western Teacher

ISBN 9781921361845 (Paperback)
Formats B Format (198 x 130mm) (Paperback)
Categories Current Affairs, Culture & Social History
Pages 112
Publication Year 2010
Edition 1st
Publisher Fremantle Press
  • Niall lucy

    Niall Lucy

    Dr Niall Lucy was an Australian writer, journalist and broadcaster who completed his PhD in English at the University of Sydney. He worked for academic journals, universities, newspapers and radio stations in both Sydney and Perth, and was a member of the Curriculum Council of Western Australia’s Literature Reference Panel prior to its disbandment in 2012. His work, often anarchic and always lively, is drawn on by scholars around the world in many disciplines. He was a professor in the School of Media, Culture & Creative Arts at Curtin University and a former Head of School of Arts at Murdoch University. His passion for music and his work as a freelance music journalist and broadcaster led to two acclaimed books on Australian indie band The Triffids. Always an original and free-thinker, his diverse body of work is a testament to a great intellect. He died in June 2014. Read more