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Out of the Blue

Written by Richard Woldendorp, AM


Australia is a country of diverse landscapes that seem endless. The flat plains of the outback give way to undulating mountain ranges, serpentine rivers and rugged coastlines.

Through striking photographs Out of the Blue explores Australia’s natural history and how the continent evolved. From the weathering winds of time to human design, the stunning patterns, colours and vibrancy of the land come to life in Woldendorp’s amazing aerial photographs.

ISBN 9781922089519 (Hardback)
Formats Large Format Photographic (340 x 270mm) (Hardback)
Categories Gift Ideas
Father's Day 2021
Art & Photography
Pages 256
Publication Year 2013
Edition 1st
Publisher Fremantle Press
  • Woldendorp am richard

    Richard Woldendorp, AM

    Richard Woldendorp was born in Utrecht, Holland, in 1927. He has lived in Australia since 1951. He was named Australian Photographer of the Year for his landscape photography and now specialises in photographing the Australian landscape from the air which has led to extensive travels throughout the country. His photographs have been exhibited in Australia and overseas. He was made a State Living Treasure for his contribution to the Arts. Read more