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Of Memory and Furniture

Written by Bron Bateman


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Of Memory and Furniture is described by Julienne van Loon as ‘a deeply feminist project’, and by David Brooks as ‘bold, explicit and unapologetic’. This collection in four parts explores experiences of female embodiment, sexuality, and relationships with family, lovers and institutions. It is concerned with expressions of female sexuality in its myriad forms – heterosexual, lesbian, and experiences of non-normative sexuality – as well as issues of maternal subjectivity, mental health and abuse and, throughout, the role of memory in enabling healing. The poems are at once erotic and deeply thought through, intelligent and tender.

' ... this is one of the best titles that I have seen for a while: it resonates right through to the end.' poetandgeek

'Erotic, feminist, sensitive and skilled, Bateman is a poet who wants, and deserves, to be widely read.' Saturday Age

'There's a brutality and hard edge to many of the poems, while others are tender and poignant.' Fremantle Herald

'Of Memory And Furniture pushes boundaries and tackles taboos ...' Westerly


Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards (Highly Commended 2021)

ISBN 9781925815047 (Paperback)
Formats B+ Format (208 x 140mm) (Paperback)
Categories Poetry
New Releases
Mother's Day 2021
Publisher Fremantle Press
Edition 1st
Publication Year 2020
Pages 96
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    Bron Bateman

    Bron Bateman is a poet, academic and mother of nine. She is a lecturer, unit coordinator and tutor in the enabling program ‘OnTrack’ at Murdoch University. Her research interests include cultural studies, creative writing, feminism, the body, and Gothic and gender theory. Her first poetry collection, People from Bones (with Kelly Pilgrim) was published in 2002. She has had her work published in collections and journals in Australia, the UK and the US. Read more