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Little Jiang

Written by Shirley Marr and illustrated by Katy Jiang


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Mei Ling Pang was born at an inauspicious time on an inauspicious day, so wherever she goes, misfortune follows. When Little Jiang hops out of his grave and into Mei's life, fangs and all, her luck goes from bad to worse. But in trying to help Little Jiang, Mei might just make her own future brighter.

A fresh and funny take on an old Chinese legend, this fast-paced, page-turning adventure for middle readers is full of heart.


'This is a fantastical and fast-moving tale … an imaginative book with plenty of ghosts and zombies for middle-grade readers.' Buzz Words

'Beautifully illustrated by Katy Jiang with twelve black and white drawings, this book is an own-voice story that satisfies the need for a well written story told from a diverse perspective.' Kids' Book Review

'This book is a great mix of rollicking adventure and ancient Chinese mythology and will appeal to young readers …' ReadPlus

'[I] was delighted to read this strange and wonderful new own voices vampire story with a twist!' Kate Gordon

'This great novel is a wonderful joy to read.' Kobe, age 9, Alphabet Soup

'… Little Jiang cleverly combined vampires and ghosts with just enough soul to pull at the heart strings.' West Australian

ISBN 9781925816471 (Paperback)
Formats B Format (198 x 130mm) (Paperback)
Categories Fiction for Middle Readers
New Releases
Stories for Change
Children's ebooks
Publisher Fremantle Press
Edition 1st
Publication Year 2020
Pages 200
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    Katy Jiang

    Katy Jiang, also known as Hong Jiang (江泓), was born, raised and educated in Shanghai, China. From a young age, Katy learned traditional Chinese ink painting. Later, she studied Western painting directed by Chinese artist, illustrator and art educator Chen Youqun. She excelled at still-life drawing, figure painting, Chinese ink painting and Chinese Baimiao drawing. Katy also has a bachelor's degree in interior design, but after she immigrated to Australia in 2006, she quit design and returned to art and illustration.  Katy lives in Fremantle, Western Australia, with her husband and two boys. Since she joined the SCBWI West in 2017, she has contributed her artistic talent and knowledge to create children’s picture books.     Read more

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    Shirley Marr

    Shirley Marr is a first-generation Chinese-Australian and author of young adult and children’s fiction. It was while she was writing a very dry PhD on accounting that she realised she’d rather be writing down her dark, twisted daydreams instead. She is still an accountant by day and a 'masked writer' at night. Her debut novel for middle readers is Little Jiang.  Read more