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Fremantle Press Treasures: Benang

Written by Kim Scott


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Harley, a man of Nyoongar ancestry, finds himself at a difficult point in the history of his country, family and self. As the apparently successful outcome of his white grandfather’s enthusiastic attempts to isolate and breed the ‘first white man born’, he wants to be a failure. But would such failure mean his Nyoongar ancestors could label him a success? And how can the attempted genocide represented by his family history be told?


To celebrate over forty years of publishing, Fremantle Press presents the TREASURES series. These special editions of much-loved Australian stories will be a treasure for those who know them and a treat for new readers.

Tasmania Pacific Literary Award (Shortlisted 2001)
Kate Challis Award (Winner 2001)
Western Australian Premier’s Book Award (Winner 2000)
Miles Franklin Literary Award (Winner 2000)
Queensland Premier’s Literary Award (Shortlisted 2000)
Dublin Impac Literary Award (Longlisted 2000)

ISBN 9781925164442 (Hardback)
Formats A Format (181 x 111mm) (Hardback)
Categories Book Club Reads
Award Winning
Indigenous Writing
Fremantle Press Treasures
Christmas 2020
Publisher Fremantle Press
Edition 1st
Publication Year 2017
Pages 500
Rights World
  • Kim scott

    Kim Scott

    Kim Scott is a descendant of people living along the south coast of Western Australia prior to colonisation, and is proud to be one among those who call themselves Noongar.  He began writing for publication when he became a teacher of English. He is currently based at Curtin University in Western Australia as Professor of Writing, in the School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts. Read more