Feasts and Friends

Written by Lorraine McGinniss


Each week a group of women from all over the world gather around a kitchen stove to share cooking experiences and the stories of their homelands. The stove is a common ground for recently arrived immigrant and refugee women. It is a place and time they can just ‘be’, along with a band of local women ready to help them sort out the many problems involved in adjusting to a new culture and language. Feasts and Friends is a wonderful collection of new ideas, recipes and techniques originating from homes in Afghanistan, Brazil, El Salvador, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Sudan and Vietnam.

ISBN 9781920731922 (Paperback)
Formats Large Format Photographic (245 x 190mm) (Paperback)
Categories Food
Current Affairs, Culture & Social History
Pages 168
Publication Year 2005
Publisher FP
  • Lorraine mcginniss

    Lorraine McGinniss

    Lorraine McGinniss was born and educated in Perth, Western Australia. She taught at schools in Perth and Melbourne, and later pursued her interest in food and cultural influences when living in Asia and Europe. Women Together, a group of newly arrived immigrants to Australia, which was the catalyst for her book Feasts and Friends, was established in 2001 and continues to meet weekly. Read more