Written by John Kinsella


John Kinsella’s sixth collection of poetry is a dynamic, imaginative and engaging exploration of language itself; it’s creation from experience and to experience.

‘It has often been remarked that John Kinsella has two bodies of work. The Silo: A Pastoral Symphony … can be cited as exemplary of a meditative, narrative mode of poetry, while the work collected here could be said to represent his interests in the “experimental”. But the difference between the books is, in fact, an epistemological one — a question of where what’s known lies. And this, in turn, is a temporal question. The Silo is a book of memory … Erratum/Frame(d) is a book of the present, “denying its geography, blurring genre”.’ Lyn Hejinian

ISBN 9781863681339 (Paperback)
Formats B+ Format (205 x 138mm) (Paperback)
Categories Poetry
Pages 104
Publication Year 1995
Edition 1st
Publisher Fremantle Press
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    John Kinsella

    John Kinsella's many volumes of poetry include the prize winning collections Peripheral Light: New and Selected Poems and The New Arcadia. He is an Extraordinary Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge University, and a Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia. Read more