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Emma: A Recipe for Life

Written by Michal Bosworth and Emma Ciccotosto


From Italy to Australia — from life on the land to life in a town, from farm work to factory work. Courage, optimism and a strong sense of humour are the stock ingredients which flavour Emma’s recipes for life in this humorous and courageous memoir. The book concludes with a wonderful cookbook of Emma’s favourite recipes.


Western Australian Week Literary Award (Winner 1991)

ISBN 9781863681292 (Paperback)
Formats B+ Format (208 x 140mm) (Paperback)
Categories Food & Health
Autobiography, Biography & Memoir
Award Winning
Pages 328
Publication Year 1995
Edition 3rd
Publisher Fremantle Press
  • Michal bosworth

    Michal Bosworth

    Michal Bosworth was born in New Zealand in 1944 and had her first experience as a migrant in 1952 when she moved with her parents and brother to live in Brisbane. In later years she lived in England and Italy where she discovered not everyone spoke Australian. She moved to Western Australia, where she has since lived with her family in Perth. Since 1965 she has worked as an historical researcher and writer for a variety of employers and publishers. She has also written books for school children, articles about women, and has gathered together recipes of traditional Italian dishes with the help of a friend. Working with Emma Ciccotosto has been an extension of her abiding interest in women’s history and the history of food. Read more

  • Emma ciccotosto

    Emma Ciccotosto

    Emma Ciccotosto was born in Italy in 1926 and migrated to Western Australia with her parents in 1939. Emma: Recipe for Life is her story. In 1990 it was transformed into a highly successful stage production. She is a foundation member of the well-known choir, Le Gioie delle Donne (The Joys of the Women) which sang in the play, has performed throughout Australia and released recordings. Read more