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Brothers: Justice, Corruption and the Mickelbergs

Written by Antonio Buti


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When somebody swindled the Perth Mint out of gold worth more than half a million dollars, local police thought they had the culprits. The Mickelberg brothers, Ray, Peter and Brian, were their prime suspects. Already accused of defrauding millionaire Alan Bond by manufacturing a phony gold nugget, the Mickelbergs were tried and convicted despite the fact that the gold was never found.

For more than 28 years Australia watched as the Mickelbergs fought to prove their innocence. Brothers is a gripping account of a courtroom drama that titillated the public during an era of crooked cops and corporate fraud. Along the way Brian Mickelberg lost his life in a mysterious aircraft crash and two corrupt officers met violent and untimely ends.

’_Brothers_ will appeal to readers of true crime, lawyers, law students and anyone interested in our legal system.’ Books+Publishing

‘Nothing can spin a better story than history itself and Brothers is a prime example of this … the plot couldn’t have been more gripping if someone had made it up.’ Oil and Gas Review

‘Antonio Buti’s well-researched and detailed book paints a damning picture of dodgy police practices over decades and few people in the case come out smelling of roses. Compelling reading …’ The West Australian

‘… this is a compelling story.’ The Advertiser

ISBN 9781921888472 (Paperback)
Formats C Format (234 x 153mm) (Paperback)
Categories Current Affairs, Culture & Social History
Pages 240
Publication Year 2011
Edition 1st
Publisher Fremantle Press
  • Antonio buti

    Antonio Buti

    Dr Antonio Buti was educated at the University of Western Australia, Australian National University, Oxford University and Yale Law School. Prior to his election as Member for Armadale in the Western Australian Parliament in 2010, he lectured in law at the University of Western Australia (where he retains an honorary position). He has written books, articles and other publications on the ‘stolen generations’, British child migrants, human rights and sports law. A four-time competitor in the Concours International de Plaidoiries in Caen, France, Dr Buti has also co-produced and co-directed a documentary on racial vilification in sport. Read more