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Boat People

Written by Carina Hoang


The years 1975 to 1996 were witness to the largest mass migration in modern history when more than a million people left war-torn Vietnam by boat in search of safety. Thousands perished when their boats fell apart en route, others succumbed to starvation, dehydration and cold-blooded attacks by Thai pirates.

Combining autobiographical accounts from survivors with evocative images and ephemera from the time, this book is a moving account of the boat people experience.

ISBN 9780825306907 (Paperback)
Formats Large Format Illustrated (210 x 300mm) (Paperback)
Categories Short Stories & Anthologies
Current Affairs, Culture & Social History
Autobiography, Biography & Memoir
Pages 240
Publication Year 2011
Edition 2nd
Publisher Carina Hoang Communications
  • Carina hoang

    Carina Hoang

    At the age of 16 Carina Hoang left Vietnam with two younger siblings and four hundred strangers in a frail wooden boat and set off across the South China Sea. They survived the harrowing journey and the extreme challenges that followed in a primitive refugee camp, and ultimately were accepted for resettlement in the United States. In 2006 Carina relocated to Perth, Western Australia and began assisting a number of Vietnamese families to find the graves of their loved ones in former refugee camps based in Indonesia. Read more