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Bluff Rock

Written by Katrina Schlunke


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This is an original and courageous book. Schlunke, who grew up in the New England area, takes this one story — the massacre(s) of Aborigines at Bluff Rock, in New England during the 1840s — and looks at the many ways it is organised as a memory of Indigenous/non-Indigenous relations. Schlunke breaks new ground as she probes the 'hidden histories' of Indigenous-settler encounters and addresses herself urgently to the problems of 'history' in Australia."

Categories ebooks
Autobiography, Biography & Memoir
Indigenous Writing
Publisher Fremantle Press
Edition 1st
Publication Year 2005
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    Katrina Schlunke

    Dr Katrina Schlunke is a researcher whose main interests lie in cultural studies, including an ongoing interest in the intersections of Indigenous knowledges and representations of the past. She has worked as a lecturer for the University of Technology, Sydney and as co-editor of the Cultural Studies Review. Read more