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A Tale For Our Generation

Written by Henry Bowers and Edward Wilson


January 2012 marked the centenary of Robert Falcon Scott’s arrival at the South Pole with his team. After a gruelling 11 month journey, on reaching the South Pole, Scott was to discover the tent and flag of the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen, who had achieved the goal just weeks earlier with his men. Tragically Scott’s entire party died on the return journey. The bodies, journals and photographs of some members of the party were discovered eight months later.

A Tale For Our Generation reproduces the heart renching and fascinating journals of two members of Scott’s team. Journals that are currently held in the private collection of businessman Kerry Stokes.

ISBN 9780957790674 (Hardback)
Formats Large Format Illustrated (245 x 185mm) (Hardback)
Categories Gift Ideas
Current Affairs, Culture & Social History
Autobiography, Biography & Memoir
Pages 96
Publication Year 2011
Edition 1st
Publisher Australian Capital Equity, distributed by Fremantle Press
  • Henry bowers

    Henry Bowers

    Henry Robertson Bowers, known as Birdie, was born in 1883 in Scotland. His father was a master mariner and, at age 16, Henry became a midshipman for the merchant navy. In 1905 he joined the Royal Indian Marine, where in 1909 he made the rank of sub-lieutenant. He was a part of Scott's British Antarctic Expedition in 1910. A last-minute addition to the South Pole party, he perished alongside other members of the party on 29 March 1912. Read more

  • Edward wilson

    Edward Wilson

    As well as being one of the explorers on Robert Falcon Scott’s South Pole exploration teams, Edward Wilson was a keen artist and naturalist. Watercolours of Wilson’s, from the ill-fated Terra Nova Expedition, are featured in A Tale For Our Generation. Read more