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A Stolen Life: The Bruce Trevorrow Case

Written by Antonio Buti


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On Christmas Day 1957, Joe Trevorrow walked through the blistering heat to seek help for his sick baby boy. When relatives agreed to take Bruce to hospital, Joe was relieved  his son was in safe hands  but, within days, Bruce would be living with another family, and Joe would never see his son again. At the age of ten, Bruce would be returned to his Indigenous family, sparking a lifelong search for an identity that could never truly be known and a court case that made history.

Praise for the book

'... a moving and at times heart‐breaking story of one Aboriginal man who experienced forcible separation from his family ... A Stolen Life is no dry legal textbook – it is a living story.' Queensland Reviewers Collective

'A Stolen Life should be read by students of law, or anyone interested in studying law; by every public servant working in areas of policy that affect First Nations people; by anyone with an interest in Australian history; by Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians alike.
It is a devastating and important part of our truth-telling as a nation.' National Indigenous Times

'Buti’s treatment of this important case is masterful for a number of reasons ... There has been much written about the importance of the Trevorrow case. This book gives a detailed insight into the life of the plaintiff, written with compassion and empathy but not shirking the hard reflections. Buti is a fine writer. It is a hard story to read, but so well written it is hard to put down, and enriching with every page.' Brief (journal of the Law Society of Western Australia)

ISBN 9781925815115 (Paperback)
Formats C Format (230 x 152mm) (Paperback)
Categories Current Affairs, Culture & Social History
New Releases
Father's Day Books
Publisher Fremantle Press
Edition 1st
Publication Year 2019
Pages 292
  • Antonio buti

    Antonio Buti

    Dr Antonio Buti was educated at the University of Western Australia, Australian National University, Oxford University and Yale Law School. Prior to his election as Member for Armadale in the Western Australian Parliament in 2010, he lectured in law at the University of Western Australia (where he retains an honorary position). He has written books, articles and other publications on the ‘stolen generations’, British child migrants, human rights and sports law. A four-time competitor in the Concours International de Plaidoiries in Caen, France, Dr Buti has also co-produced and co-directed a documentary on racial vilification in sport. Read more