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Ron Sims

Ron Sims was born in Western Australia in 1947. As a young artist he joined the Australian Broadcasting Commission where he developed skills in sound-design and scripting for radio and television drama and, in 1976, pioneered stereo drama recording in Australia with a production of A Wizard of Earthsea. Always fascinated by the visual arts, Ron gained diplomas in the fine arts and theatre arts. He left the ABC in 1983 to establish a course in Sound Production at Perth Technical College and later at the WA Academy of Performing Arts. In 1991 he produced Platform 9, Perth’s first full-scale acoustic sculpture. His travels in Europe and Japan resulted in a collection of sound recordings which spearheaded his Radio Feature work following his return to ABC National Radio in 1995. Ron had twice been awarded a World Gold Medal at the International radio Festival in New York.

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