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Blast off! Subscribe to S. Tinker Tube to win - Videos & podcasts for schools

Blast off! Subscribe to S. Tinker Tube to win

May 21, 2018

Not content with being the world’s foremost inventor under the age of 12, Sally Tinker has launched her own YouTube channel. Episode 1 of S. Tinker Tube is now live.

In her first installment, Sally interviews S. Tinker Inc. series creator James Foley about why he became an author and illustrator in the first place. Then stay tuned for future episodes where Sally reassembles James’s nose hair clippers, travels back in time to write Space Travel for Dummies and asks the question – would robots write better books than your average Aussie author?

To celebrate Sally’s new channel, James Foley and Fremantle Press are offering anyone who subscribes to S. Tinker Tube before 15 June the chance to win the very first copy of Gastronauts – the third book featuring Sally’s true adventures in invention. Just sign up and comment on the first episode to automatically go into the draw.

Gastronauts, a companion volume to Brobot and Dungzilla, will be published this October and is available to pre-order on our website now.