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Purple Impressions by Rosemary Stevens

Purple Prose contributor Rosemary Stevens has worked in London for a publisher and literary agent and in Asia as a travel writer. She currently teaches creative and professional writing at Curtin University and was assistant editor for Griffith Review's 2015 summer issue 47:Looking West, focusing on Western Australia.

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A purple podcast with Lucy Dougan

Purple Prose contributor Lucy Dougan is a widely published poet. Her books include White Clay and Meanderthals and The Guardians; and her prizes include the Mary Gilmore Award and the Alec Bolton Award. She works for the Westerly Centre at UWA and is poetry editor for the journal Axon: Creative Explorations.

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WWI and the home front video

Drawing on fascinating archival material, and interweaving fact with fiction, in this video award-winning author Dianne Wolfer deftly recreates the story of Fay Howe, the little girl from Breaksea Island. In doing so she depicts the hardships of those left at home during WWI — waiting, wondering and hoping. 

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