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Introducing a new crime novel

In this podcast author Ron Elliott reads from his new crime novel Burn Patterns. Ron says: 'In a nutshell my book is a crime novel about Iris Foster, the Fire Lady. She’s a forensic psychologist and her specialty is arsonists. So when a school gymnasium is blown up she is the one everyone turns to.

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Podcast: a chapter from Brendan Ritchie's Carousel

When they find themselves trapped in a giant shopping centre, Nox, Lizzy, Taylor and Rocky eat fast food, watch bad TV and wait for the mess to be sorted. But when days turn to weeks they start to hear noises and begin to wonder what's real and what's not.

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Purple Impressions by Rosemary Stevens

Purple Prose contributor Rosemary Stevens has worked in London for a publisher and literary agent and in Asia as a travel writer. She currently teaches creative and professional writing at Curtin University and was assistant editor for Griffith Review's 2015 summer issue 47:Looking West, focusing on Western Australia.

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A purple podcast with Lucy Dougan

Purple Prose contributor Lucy Dougan is a widely published poet. Her books include White Clay and Meanderthals and The Guardians; and her prizes include the Mary Gilmore Award and the Alec Bolton Award. She works for the Westerly Centre at UWA and is poetry editor for the journal Axon: Creative Explorations.

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