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The Fremantle Press podcast on how to be a children’s book author who knows how to present

Lesley Reece, founder and former director of The Literature Centre, joins Claire Miller and Georgia Richter for a chat about how to prepare yourself to face a room full of under-17s! Leslie imparts top tips for aspiring children’s book writers while Claire and Georgia discuss the merits of book hoovering. Writer and editor Amanda Curtin shares her reading recommendations, and the Comma Chameleon has a slanging match with the hosts.

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Episode one of the new Fremantle Press podcast for writers tackles the tricky business of how to make a book cover that sells

Welcome to our new podcast, How to Be an Author in Australia, co-hosted by marketing and communications manager Claire Miller and publisher Georgia Richter. With regular guest appearances by editor Armelle Davies as the Comma Chameleon, the How to Be an Author podcast is an informal series of chats between publishing industry professionals. Like Georgia’s new book she co-wrote with Deborah Hunn, How to Be an Author: The Business of Being a Writer in Australia, it’s all about giving writers tips and tools of the trade as they start their writing career.

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