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Fremantle Press Podcast: Marcella Polain's tips for emerging writers and on her new novel Driving into the Sun

In the latest episode of the Fremantle Press Podcast, presenter Holden Sheppard chats to award-winning author Marcella Polain about how her childhood experiences strongly influenced her new book Driving into the Sun and dealing with grief as a child. As a lecturer in creative writing at ECU, Marcella also talks Holden through some invaluable tips for emerging writers embarking on their first book.

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Hungerford winner and author of Invisible Boys, Holden Sheppard, is the new host of the Fremantle Press podcast series

Is plot really the uncool cousin no-one wants to associate with? Should aspiring writers abstain from sex in favour of taking a large dictionary to bed? And how do you transform the experience of grief into the positive act of creation? As host of the 2019 Fremantle Press podcast series, Holden Sheppard gets to grips with all these questions and more.

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Tips for pitching your next manuscript to a publisher with Fremantle Press

As an author with a new manuscript, you may occasionally have the opportunity to pitch your work to a prospective publisher. The chance to do so should be regarded as a bonus opportunity, particularly if a publisher does not ordinarily receive unsolicited material. In this article, Fremantle Press publisher Georgia Richter puts the pitch in context and shares her top tips for doing it right.

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