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INTERVIEW: Renee Schipp, Curator of Thonglines

Renee Schipp is the co-curator of of Thonglines – an art installation to be launched at Voicebox on Monday 4 July. In this interview she describes the ‘Thonglines’ project and her work with mainstream students and refugees on Christmas Island.

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Workshop inspires new poetry

A student poetry workshop organised by Fremantle Press and hosted by Fremantle Children’s Literature Centre has inspired students from Applecross Senior High School to keep writing.

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Author of The West, John Mateer, says the question of this place, of being in Australia where American-style suburbs have grown out of British colonial settlements on land taken from Aboriginal peoples, profoundly shapes anything a poet can say.

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Speaking from Shanghai, where she lives for part of each year, Burning Bright poet Caroline Caddy discusses the influence of China on her writing.
A lot of my poetry concerns China, and one of my collections, Working Temple, is all about China. I wrote that in the early 1990s, and now some of those pieces on Shanghai are almost historical documents, because things have changed so much.

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Fremantle Poetry Month launch

The food and wine is ordered, the performers are booked, the Mayor is preparing his speech notes and it’s all systems go for the launch of Fremantle Poetry Month at 6.30pm on 8 July 2010.

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Fremantle Poetry Month Schedule 2010

Register with the Fremantle Poetry Month Facebook page or blog for interviews with poets, publishing advice from Fremantle Press’ Poetry Publisher and Commissioning Editor, weekly competitions and the most up to date information on events and happenings in Fremantle during July.

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INTERVIEW: Scott-Patrick Mitchell

How does it feel to be included in an anthology alongside David Malouf and Dorothy Porter
Amazing. At the outset I never realised that the anthology would include such great writers. When I look at the final product, I’m a little overwhelmed at being included alongside people I not only respect but immensely admire (particularly Dorothy Porter).

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