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IN BRIEF: A warehouse wedding

You’ve heard of love in the afternoon, you’ve heard of love in the elevator and now, at Fremantle Press, we have love in the warehouse.

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NEWS: Tales from the Backlist

Next year Fremantle Press turns 35 and, to celebrate, we’re starting a new column. ‘Tales from the backlist’ will delve into the memories of Press ‘lifers’ Clive Newman and Wendy Jenkins.

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INTERVIEW: Libby Lloyd and Robert van Koesveld

When did you first become interested in Bhutan?
Bhutan had been on our travel list for decades as a culturally fascinating and visually beautiful Himalayan country. We have had over thirty years of interest in Tibetan Buddhism, but could not face the sadness of visiting Tibet.

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Manuscript closure over Christmas

Fremantle Press will implement a dedicated submissions period for receipt of all unsolicited manuscripts during summer 2010-2011. This means manuscripts will not be accepted between 17 December 2010 and 21 March 2011.

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