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CEO Says

The latest update from CEO Jane Fraser.

A Fortunate Life by A.B. Facey turned 35 on Anzac Day 2015. First published by Fremantle Press and now licensed to Penguin, the bestselling memoir has gone on to have a long and (need I say it?) ‘fortunate’ life. This week Whoa Flamingo purchased the option for this Aussie classic with a view to producing a new television series.

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Sally Morgan at Spinifex Story Writing Camp

Artist and author Sally Morgan shares her highlights from the inaugural Spinifex Story Writing Camp.

I spent the last week of June participating in workshops at Tjuntjuntjara Remote School with three amazing people – Karen and Tina from the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) and illustrator Ann James.

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Creating a picture book

Children's publisher Cate Sutherland discusses the trials and the triumphs of publishing children's picture books.

The most common misconception about picture books is that because they are short and written for children they must be easy to write.

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