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Join Anne-Louise Willoughby and the authors of Built Perth at the City of Perth Library for a night that will help you rediscover our local architecture - News

Join Anne-Louise Willoughby and the authors of Built Perth at the City of Perth Library for a night that will help you rediscover our local architecture

July 10, 2019

Debut authors Tom McKendrick and Elliot Langdon are set to celebrate the release of their new book Built Perth with an event at the City of Perth Library on Monday 2 September. Author, journalist and broadcaster Anne-Louise Willoughby will lead a robust discussion on the history and art of Perth’s architecture – a discussion that will encourage Western Australians to reassess the value of our built environment.

McKendrick, who hails from the North of England and has a degree in architecture from Northumbria University, says the book came about because the pair felt that Perth’s buildings were often overlooked. He says, ‘It’s a really great time for the built environment in WA. In recent years a number of large-scale projects have been undertaken by some of the bigger names in Perth architecture and have won critical acclaim both nationally and internationally. There are also a vast number of smaller firms making waves with really innovative and exciting design. The future looks bright for the WA skyline!’

Langdon, who met McKendrick while the pair were working at Taylor Robinson Architects, agrees: ‘Due to its location and settlement, Perth has a very interesting history, which the younger generation is often oblivious to. I think good architecture will speak to you if you are willing to listen.’

In a refreshing take on Perth’s somewhat dire architectural reputation, McKendrick and Langdon have uncovered the stories behind fifty of the city’s most fascinating and historical buildings and combined these with beautiful graphic illustrations. The most loved and controversial architectural works of Perth are featured, from a prison built by the convicts who were to be incarcerated there to the modern-day McMansion. McKendrick runs his own illustration and graphic design company, TMK Graphics, based in Fremantle. Langdon attained his Master of Architecture from the University of Western Australia and currently works as an architecture graduate at a Perth-based firm on medium- to large-scale projects in the education, retail, commercial and hospitality sectors.

Willoughby worked as a journalist in a career that spanned thirty years in Western Australia, and has written about buildings featured in Built Perth, such as Council House and Government House, among others in her work for magazines. She has also worked as a lecturer and tutor of creative writing at the University of Western Australia, and has a wealth of knowledge to share. Her latest book is Nora Heysen: A Portrait.

Come and support these local authors at the City of Perth Library Auditorium at 6:30 pm Monday 2 September 2019. Refreshments will be available and Boffins Bookstore will be on hand to sell books, which you can get signed on the night.

This event is free, but registration is essential. Book here to secure your spot.

Built Perth by Elliot Langdon and Tom McKendrick is available to pre-order from your local bookstore or online at