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Clive's Corner - News

Clive's Corner

September 18, 2013

The latest news from the Fremantle Press Sales, Rights and Distribution Manager, Clive Newman

The Get Reading program is Australia’s largest annual celebration of books and reading. Earlier this year they invited readers to nominate their favourite books to discover the Top 100 Homegrown Reads. We were delighted to find three titles from the Fremantle catalogue made the list – A Fortunate Life (AB Facey); My Place (Sally Morgan); and Rhubarb (Craig Silvey).

And it’s not only Australian readers who love Rhubarb! A Turkish language edition was recently published by the Marti Publishing Group and went straight into the bestseller lists in Istanbul.

The Other Bears, a children’s picture book written and illustrated by Michael Thompson, was first published in our program in 2010. The story of young koalas (and yes, we know that koalas are not really bears!) meeting young bears from around the world became a bestseller, and has subsequently appeared in an English language edition in Singapore and in a Korean translation. Next month, Star Bright Books in New York will release their edition.

Tune in next month for more updates from my corner!