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Father's Day with Jim Richards - News

Father's Day with Jim Richards

August 24, 2017

Jim Richards has done it all: dived for diamonds in the piranha-infested rivers of South America; discovered a fabulously rich goldmine in the Australian outback; got caught up in the world's biggest mining scam in Indonesia; and even started a gold rush in the jungles of Laos. To add to that list of adventures, he's also the father of five boys.

What's your best Father’s Day moment?

Receiving handmade cards from the kids, even if their teachers made them do it.

What's your worst?

Having to eat burnt pancakes with vegemite.

What would you like to read on a day off?

I love reading newspapers and also encourage my kids to do the same. I put The West Australian cartoons in front of them, then they progress to other parts of the newspaper on their own. I am currently reading a biography of Dr Hans Merensky, the famous geologist who defined the alluvial diamond deposits on the beaches of Namibia.

Is there a book both you and your kids enjoy?

We enjoy doing chess puzzle books together, which often leads to a game. Chess is a wonderful way to bond with your child.

In your opinion, where's the best place to read in the world?

In the same place that the book is about.